Behance Hanoi Portfolio Reviews 2015

Project Scope: Exihibition Design
Project Date: 05.2015
Creative Director: Tung Juno
Art Director: Minh Tran
Designer: Minh Tran, Son Vu, Son Min, Viet Do, Hieu Tran, Khanh Nguyen, Trung Tran, Trang Tran

About project

After 3 years of running, Behance Portfolio Reviews has become one of the most inspiring event for creative and design community all over the world and in 2015, the event was held the first time in Hanoi - hosted by RIO Creative. To celebrate this, we need a key visual that attracts people in creative & design field.
We conducted in research in one week and discovered 4 keyword for the event: creative, connect, local and community. By this way or other way, the selected concept must express these keyword above.

Initial Concepts

Some initial concepts were designed and we rejected it soon because of lacking of creativity and not much inspiring.
1B_Digital Poster CS6-141B_Digital Poster CS6-14

Final Concept

The idea behind final concept derived from the metaphor of convergence as sperms meet egg. It fits best with keywords about connect and community and, of course, fresher and more creative than other concept before. The process of making illustration for key visual was interesting too after many of trial-and-error phases.
1B_Digital Poster CS6-151B_Digital Poster CS6-15

Application Materials

Be thereBe there

Exhibition Moments