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Nafoods Passion Fruit

Project Scope: Packaging Design
Project Date: 2016
Creative Director: Tung Juno
Art Director: Minh Tran
Designer & Illustrator: Minh Tran
Assistant Designer: Tang Linh

About project

Nafoods Group is one of the best Vietnam leading brands in the vegetable product with more than 20 years of experiences. The advantage of Nafoods is products related to Passionfruit and Gac fruit, they are one of the most exporters of these fruits in the world. To help Nafoods brand image better in the eye of the consumer, we started to redesign a whole system of their passion fruit packaging.


To help the consumer understand core chained values of Nafoods brand, we demonstrated it in four factors: Farm, Clean vegetables, Factory, and Product. All four factors were combined in a single illustration showed below.


Style shows on selected key visual is Pointillism which is a style of painting used numerous points to describe shapes and forms . Pointillism requires the artist to have patience and devotion, as well as Nafoods in the past 20 years, has made efforts to help Vietnamese agricultural products went up . Because the concept associated with the farm, it should give the sense of vintage and handmade, just like Nafoods products which are fresh fruit were grown by the hand of man.



Color is an integral part for transmission properties of product to customers. We used Violet color as the main color that gives the sense of passion fruit product and 6 other sub-color used in the illustration and other parts of packaging.
Color typo-01Color typo-01


Adorn Roman, a typeface that gives the sense of hand-made and farm-like was chosen to be the headline font (appeared in Product name and emphasized information text). To help the packaging consistent with Nafoods branding system, we used their brand typeface as the body font.
Color typo-02Color typo-02

Product application

Final design package includes sticker, net bag and carton box.



Net fruit mockup 1Net fruit mockup 1

Net bag 1

Net fruit mockup 2Net fruit mockup 2

Net bag 2


Carton box