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Thu Hương Butter Cookies

Project Scope: Packaging Design
Project Date: 07.2014
Creative Director: Tung Juno
Art Director: Minh Tran
Designer & Illustrator: Minh Tran
Photo & Retouch: Son Vu & Tam Do

About project

Thu Huong Bakery is a well-known pastry brand in Hanoi launched since 1996. Being famous for excellent quality and classical French pastry recipe, Thu Hương is a familiar brand for Hanoian gourmet and tourist when they need a souvenir for their family.
Butter cookies is a familiar kind of cookies in the traditional pastry recipes. However, when it comes to this type of cookies, customers always think of Danisa cookies (Denmark) instead of Thu Huong. Therefore, the highest executive of this brand came to us with the goal of finding a package design could help Thu Huong compete with Danisa in market and convey the brand's essence to the consumers.


The requirements for packaging design was the feeling of luxury, classic and sophistication. Therefore, we used vintage style with classical decorations, calligraphy typefaces and hand-drawing illustrations to convey this message. The "ingredients from France" factor is also to be highlighted by a traditional blue and Effiel tower, these elements also help the design differentiate to other competitors.


In illustration phase, we wanted to create a story with ingredients is the main character to praise the care of Thu Huong for each product of them. A fantasy world of butter, eggs, chocolate, milk, sugar ... was created to bring an amazing experience for customers on the process of creating a cookie.
The implementation process went from inking on paper, then traced on computer and eventually incorporated into overall design.


Color is an integral part for transmission properties of product to customers. We used Royal Blue color to create a sense of luxury, Cappuccino to classic and Ivory to sophistication.


In this design, the style of handwriting was our focus. Adorn family typeface used to create the feeling of vintage and hand-made combined with Wallbaum typeface to create the feeling of sophistication and elegance.

Product application

Final design package includes: tin, paper package and carrying bag.